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BestCrypto starts ToTheMoon

I do not know how quickly the rate of Bitcoin will grow. Most likely ToTheMoon will begin the nearest time. But for me another topic is much more important - the BestCrypto project is exactly starting its flight ToTheMoon.

In this article I will not give any links, so as not to annoy anyone. But if you want to know how to find the BestCrypto, then it is very easy to do. On the Levelnaut website on the right side there are banners and there you can find a link to this group in Telegram.

I already wrote about this project and talked about the fact that it appeared after a series of unsuccessful starts and explained the reasons for the failures. Unfortunately, today on the Internet there are just a huge number of offers that only discredit cryptocurrency, bitcoin and the idea of ​​the blockchain as a whole.

Therefore, we decided to focus only on the best, most proven projects and set to work using the collective mind. We have selected everything that is the best and most effective in the crypto world today and started working as a team.

Every day newcomers come to us. Yesterday, for example, CEO Markethive Thomas Prendergast joined us, who also liked the idea of ​​our project. He immediately shared with us the insider information and announced that very soon the possibility of investing btc and eth would appear in Markethive. Naturally, after such information there appeared an idea of ​​a more serious entering the Russian-language market, too.

At the same time, thanks to a direct connection with the admins of OnTheTop and Ethereal, English-language versions of these projects are being prepared, which also gives excellent prospects for entering the international market.

We expect very serious news from Telegram, which will soon launch its blockchain and Gram coin and many other projects.

This news appears every day and it is very nice. But we are not a closed community or sect. We are ready to share insider information with all Internet users. Therefore, we invite you to join our group in Telegram.

Boris Siomin,

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How to start in crypto?

This question sounds a bit strange, right? But if you are on this page, then everything is correct. This is where you will get the answer to the question that is most often asked of me.

My name is Boris Semin and I have been in the crypto business since 2012. To be honest, I no longer need to explain anything to anyone, since I myself have complete order in the crypto world.

But since I am an English teacher by my main profession, let's consider this article as my contribution to the promotion and strengthening of cryptocurrency throughout the world. My mother, who was also a teacher, probably would have been very happy to read these lines)

As for me, I am absolutely sure that the crypto and the blockchain will change the world for the better in the very near future. Therefore, this article will be constantly added and updated on the Levelnaut website. It will be published in two languages ??- in English and in Russian, and the very first banner on the right side of the website will always point to this article.

This will be a rather long article and it will describe all the necessary materials for successful promotion in the crypto business. But any big way needs to start with a small step and now I will tell you exactly what steps you need to do.

By the way, this article will also be useful to those who are confused in the subject of crypto or have not received the desired results. My experience as a teacher and a crypto researcher will help you find the right path. So, let's start!

1. Install the Telegram messenger program on your computer or mobile phone. After you install and run this program, add Boris Siomin (this is me) to your contacts and only after that I will be able to guide you further.

2. If you already know how to find the necessary group in Telegram, then look for it yourself, it is called BestCrypto or follow this link and join this community. All information is published here in English and in Russian. But you can always use Google Translator if necessary.

3. In this group, you can ask any questions and get always up-to-date and verified information about those projects that are most promising for earning and investing cryptocurrency.

As I said above, this article will be constantly updated and supplemented, there will be a lot of links in it. But all necessary information cannot be published at once, so I will do it gradually. Therefore, I recommend to subscribe to the Levelnaut website updates and save this particular article in bookmarks on your computer or mobile phone.

Boris Siomin,

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CryptoBest group in Telegram

By the last time we have started a lot of new projects, and this fact allows us to make the following conclusion.

Nowadays life is so complicated, that it is hard to take part in one project only. Unfortunately, too many of crypto projects fail. It is not a big surprise, crypto sphere is still a new concept and that is why it is not stable enough.

Anyway, there are some suitable forms of team-work, and at least we can check the best offers and opportunities together and share them in our BestCrypto group in Telegram.

If you want to join our group, you can check the projects that we discuss or share your own information, but before joining read the group description and rules in the pinned post there.

We should avoid here - the usual spam. That is why - we can share any links - but obligatory to guide/lead/explain/help other group members and patiently answer their "howto" questions.

Members that only place links without explanations will be banned in order to avoid spam. We have enough moderators, but if you want to be one more - feel free to contact admin Boris Siomin and to inform about it.

And of course, you can invite your friends to our community too. The more information we have, the more successful we are as a team.

Boris Siomin,

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How to earn in Instagram

My previous post was about a surprise. Starting my long way in direction of crypto freelancing, I didn't expect to get so many of them.

Now I can definitely say, that I have got so much insider information, that it will be really hard to implement everything.

In a day or two, I will tell you about the new project connected to Telegram bot earning. But today I want to share with you one secret about Instagram.

The secret is about earning in this popular social network. Probably you have already heard about the project OnTheTop. If not you really have missed a lot.

Why? Because nearest days OnTheTop will get... a multi-language functional and everyone on our planet will get a chance to earn there.

But the secret is as follows. The matter is - all those members of the project, who performs tasks regularly and has a paid account will get followers.. free.

Up to the moment the paid account costs only about 1000 or 15 dollars and it is not so big sum to start a serious SMM business.

And one more important detail. People from other countries (besides Russia) are recommended to deal with Kiwi payment system in order to get paid.

And that is far from the last news. OnTheTop really starts a fantastic race and all the details you can get after registration by the link In this case you be able to help you a lot.

Don't forget to subscribe to my accounts in social networks and very soon you will get some more very interesting and profitable information.

Boris Siomin,

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First Prize or First Surprise?

Very soon, my dear readers, I will start publishing my reports about the project "1000$ monthly by freelancing". I have told you about it in my previous publications.

I must warn, that this task is far from to be an easy one. I have already made some mistakes. For example, I have spent about two hours taking part in the usual scam. It happened because of my laziness and instead of checking website kidsearncash in advance I started to work there immediately.

So, I don't say, that I don't make any mistakes. Of course, I do, But sometimes I find really interesting projects and hurry to share them with you.

For example, today I have added to my collection of Best Crypto Projects one more, that is called Online Stock Exchange. You will find it easily in the list.

It is a rather new project, the main goal of which is investing the new small business. People from all over the world share their ideas and get investment. It is something that reminds Kickstarter, but is organized easier and more understandable. Even any newbie can take part in the project as a borrower, or as an investor.

The most important fact is, that investments can be made both - in dollars (fiat) or in cryptocurrency (bitcoin, litecoin). It is very good news especially nowadays and I will not explain to you all the reasons, you know them perfectly.

So, I advise you to check all the variants before making any investment and you will enjoy the process, believe me. Also, mind that there are a lot of promotional variants and interesting tips.

No doubts, that you will like this project, so follow the link above and click there Online Stock Exchange project in order not to waste time.

Boris Siomin,